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Swedish Massage Diploma

Course content

Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology:

We will explore the physiological systems and pathologies by looking at the healthy body and the progression to disease development. Definitions, causes, triggers, signs and symptoms of various pathologies will be explored. Lifestyle aspects will be examined and how poor lifestyle choices can impede health. The effects of stress on the body will be explored.

Practice management:

This course will guide you through standard and advanced Swedish massage techniques. Counselling skills will be explored to enable you to conduct active listening, manage difficult situations and deal with emotions. Setting up your own business, legal/tax requirements, advertising and marketing your business will be covered in great detail. 

Theory and practice of Swedish Massage:

You will discover about the history, philosophy and the role of Swedish Massage and how to use various techniques and tailoring the treatment to benefit individual clients will be developed. How to massage to back, abdomen, legs, feet, arms, hands, neck and shoulders (seated and prone), and face. Full body massage.

There are no formal academic entry requirements. Students will be assessed on an individual basis to work within a caring profession.

To gain a Diploma in Swedish Massage the student must:


  1. attend 120 hours of training over 16 days.

  2. complete home assignments and practice the skills learned during each day.

  3. attain the required standard, passing the final written and practical examinations

  4. compile the required case studies to the standard required and submit

  5. have the attitude and professionalism required for a professional Reflexologist

Course dates:


TBC in 2020 

How to apply:

Total Fees - £950

Registration (non-refundable) - £250

Tuition - £700

   Option 1 - £700 payable by weekend 1

   Option 2 - 4 instalments of £190, monthly by standing order


Please complete the application form

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